Want To Enhance Your Gameplay In Ping Pong? Try These Advanced Tips!!

Table tennis is among those sports that need fast-paced and quick movement to defeat the opponent along with keeping several winning strategies in mind. Thus, learning some advanced tips will surely level up your gameplay that will shock the opponent and make them what you bring to the table.


Moreover, you need to remember a lot of things while tossing the ball and beginning your game. One of the critical factors of improving your ping pong game is to practice for at least 2 hours daily and try different strategies and tricks to confuse the opponent. Here, you will find advanced tips that will help you move forward in your table tennis career.


v  Advanced Ping Pong Table Tips

Ø  Know What Type Of Spin On The Ball

One of the necessary skills to acquire in ping pong is carefully watching your opponent's racket and what kind of motion it is in a while coming in contact with the ping pong ball. However, there are different types of spinning techniques that your opponent can do, such as the low to high, high to low, their right to left, and their left to right. Thus, you need to ensure the kind of spin shot you have received and accordingly play your shot.


Ø  React To The Spin With Your Racket Angle

When you acknowledge what type of spin you have received, you need to react accordingly with different racket angles. Thus, it will help you respond to the shot better when you hold the racket at a proper angle and then gently stroke forward. Once you have developed the feel of stroking the ball with more force, you will spin the ball.


Ø  Use Your Whole Body Movement When Stroking The Ball With Your Forehand

You need to ensure that you move your shoulders and hips backward while stroking for a backswing and then move forward into the ball with a proper angle in your forehand. Here, your body's movement is coordinated with transferring your body weight from the back to front. Moreover, the harder you hit the ball with your forehand, then your weight will transfer more force. It is a fact that you will make common forehand mistakes in adjusting the angle when you hit the ball.


Ø  Maintain A Good Form Before Beginning

When you have a good ready position at the beginning will help you maintain balance and prepares your body to move in any direction instantly. Thus, make sure you maintain proper positioning between the strokes and returns serves. Moreover, you can also follow the primary sequence of a ping pong rally is:

·         Maintain an excellent ready position

·         Move according to the ball with your feet while staying balanced.

·         Stroke the ball with a proper angle in the racket

·         Get back to the initial position to stay ready for the next stroke.

·         Repeat the 2, 3, and 5 until the rally ends


The information mentioned above will help you level up your ping pong game and improve your movement speed. For Any Information You Can Always Visit The Link Ping Pong Beast #1 Destination For All Your Queries .